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Whole Wheat Vegetable Cookies

Savory Vegetable Cookies
Flaky whole wheat vegetable cookies with gram flour are tender cookies that include the vegetables like carrot and peas. These vegetable cookies get additional flavor from the cumin seeds besides the blended flavor of vegetables with gram flour. These sugarless, whole wheat with gram flour vegetable cookies are extremely healthy. Feel free to make your kids and toddlers eat these...

Garlic Chili Sourdough Crackers #BreadBakers

Sourdough Crackers with chili and garlic should never finish at my place. Before the batch gets over, I have to prepare another batch, otherwise, only God saves me. The goodness of Whole-wheat flour and butter make my sourdough crackers a healthy snack for munching on tea or coffee. So far I have tried many flavors of these crackers but...

50 50 Bread Half White Half Wheat

50-50 Bread
A delicious 50 50 bread that brings the best of both the flour i.e. All-Purpose and Whole Wheat flour. For those who like to make their bread healthier but still not able to get over the fluffiness of all-purpose bread, this 50 50 bread is a great solution. I just love homemade fresh bread. The aroma makes me go crazy...

Health Benefits of Dates

Benefits of Dates
The Middle East is the hub of one of the oldest cultivated fruits in the worlds. Yes, we are talking about dates and benefits of dates for men, women, and kids. Today, dates are grown all over the world. The place of origin of dates still remains unknown, but it is believed to have originated around the lands of...

Homemade Death Chocolate Cake

Homemade Death Chocolate Cake
A few day back I shared my Valentine Special DBC cake recipe and had used eggs in that amazing chocolate cake recipe. However, as anticipated and per the theme of my blog, many requested for a moist eggless homemade death chocolate cake recipe. Never knew that the volume of the request will be this high and I will be...

Death by Chocolate Cake

Death by chocolate with eggs
This is my special for the day of Romance that we name as Valentine’s Day, Death by Chocolate Cake. Valentine’s Day used to be extremely popular among youngsters, but now it’s all over. People exchange gifts, flowers, cards, and chocolates on Valentine’s Day. Chocolate, Valentine, and Love is a perfect love triangle. There is no better way to express your...

Orange Carrot Pastry

Orange Carrot Pastry
Orange Carrot Pastry with Cinnamon Sauce, what does the name suggest? Ok well, let me tell you what went on the scene. 3 days ago, I found an announcement of a contest in Home Bakers Guild, one the most active Facebook group for foodies. I am not a contest person, but this contest was exciting. The participants were given a...

Dusk and Dawn Gateau

French Pastry Millefeuille
The design of this recipe is inspired by French pastry Millefeuille that consists layers of thin puff pastry and cream. The traditional Mille Feuille cake has the basic flavors of vanilla and custard but the texture looks just so amazing. The exotic name Dusk and Dawn Gateau – Millefeuille for this exotic recipe was given by Gautam Mehra, my...

Bake to good sleep and 5 foods that’s impacting your overall sleep

Bake to Good Sleep
Tired but can’t sleep? Don’t worry you’re not alone. All you may need is to bake to good sleep. New to baking? Learn why Baking at home is important for you. An ever-increasing amount of us suffers from sleep disorders, with insomnia being top of the list. You may have tried everything to get more shuteye, from altering your sleep routine to...

Easy Homemade Apple Pie Recipe

American Apple Pie Recipe
Christmas and winters literally translate to eat something sweet and warm. Nothing makes your body feel better than this. When it’s chilling outside, sugar and warm food both help you keeping warm from within. This easy Apple Pie recipe, Americans favorite dessert, is a perfect blend of a warm and sweet dessert. or  Look around you and you will find...

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